Welcome to the Department of Anatomical Sciences
The Department of Anatomical Sciences, within the Health Sciences Center, offers a multidisciplinary graduate program leading to a Ph.D. degree. The faculty consists of prominent researchers in the fields of Anthropology, Vertebrate Paleontology and Systematics, and Functional Morphology. The research in our department focuses on early hominid functional morphology and evolution, mammal evolution, reptile evolution, and squamate morphology and feeding mechanics. Students in our department receive comprehensive training that prepares them to teach the next generation of health professionals and do research in the areas of evolutionary morphology, functional morphology, musculoskeletal biology, systematics, and vertebrate paleontology.

Stony Brook University is deeply committed to the recruitment, retention and success of diverse students in its competitive graduate degree programs.

Recent News
Congratulations to Drs. Adam Pritchard and Matthew Borths for their recently earned PhDs!  Dr. Borths will be pursuing his research on carnivorous mammal evolution with Dr. Stevens at Ohio University and Dr. Pritchard was awarded a prestigious NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship which he will be taking to Yale University to continue his research in the Bhullar Lab.

Graduate students Nathan Thompson and Nicholas Holowka along with Drs. Larson and Demes published a new study in Nature Communications demonstrating how upper body motion contributed to walking proficiency in our early human ancestors. - Read More.

The Department of Anatomical Sciences offers a multidisciplinary graduate program leading to a PhD. Students receive comprehensive training to prepare them for teaching and research in the areas of evolutionary morphology, functional morphology, phylogenetics, musculoskeletal biology, and vertebrate paleontology. Graduate students are guided through a program of courses appropriate for their particular educational needs. In this regard, the Department of Anatomical Sciences interacts with other departments in the School of Medicine as well as those in the Biological Sciences and the Anthropology Department. Faculty members of Anatomical Sciences play vital roles in both the university-wide Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences and the Turkana Basin Institute.