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Erik Seiffert
Associate Professor

PhD, Duke University, 2003


(631) 444-6945

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Research : Biogeography, adaptation, and phylogenetic relationships of placental mammals.

Dr. Seiffert is broadly interested in the biogeography, adaptations, and phylogenetic relationships of placental mammals, and work primarily on fossil placentals from the Eocene and Oligocene of Africa. My fieldwork aims to improve our understanding of mammalian evolution on the Afro-Arabian landmass, particularly within the clades Afrotheria and Primates. My laboratory research involves analysis and description of new fossil mammals, often with the goal of determining how these and other extinct taxa fit into -- and potentially help us to better understand -- the emerging supraordinal molecular phylogeny of Placentalia. As such my research involves analysis of morphological information from extinct placentals as well as molecular and morphological information from extant placentals. At present most of my fieldwork takes place in Egypt, and I have also worked in Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa. As a new member of Stony Brook's Turkana Basin Institute, I hope to expand the search for Late Cretaceous and Paleogene mammals to northern Kenya.