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Division Chief: Pediatric Anesthesia

Phone: 631-444-2975

  • Medical College of Ohio, Toledo - M.D.
  • University of Pittsburgh - Residency
  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - Fellowship

Research Interests:
  • Tool development for assessing nascent problem solving skills
  • Impact of early procedural skills training in medical school
  • Spinal fusion & anesthesia protocol database development to evaluate impact on adolescent pediatric patients
  • Pediatric anesthesia
  • Medical student education

Recent Publications:
  • Medline Search
  • Seidman PA, Goldenberg D, Sinz EH. Tracheotomy Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Cambridge University Press 2011
  • Blair RJ, Fenton KE, Gallagher C, Seidman PA. Simulation-Based Education to Teach Interdisciplinary Resident Communication and Team Work. Med Sci Educ (2014) 24:3-6

Recent Presentations:
  • Hsieh L, Tan J, Gruffi C, Grewal S, Scriven R, Seidman P, Lee T. Single Shot Thoracic Epidural: An Aid to Earlier Early Discharge for Pediatric Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Soc Pediatric Anesthes 2014
  • Chandrakantan A, Seidman P. Measurement of Intraoperative CO2 in Premature Infants by Two Methods : A Clinical Case Series. Soc Pediatric Anesthes 2014
  • Jacob Z, Seidman P. The Former Premature Baby for Hernia Repair: When and Where. PGA 2014
  • Maloney L, Zach K, Page C, Seidman PA. Curriculum Development for Medical Student Ultrasound Education. IARS 2015
  • Chandrakantan A, Jacob Z, Reinsel R, Seidman PA. A Survey of Post-Discharge Nausea and Vomiting (PDNV) Risk Factors in Children. SAMBA 2015