GME Policy and Procedures




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    Institutional Requirements

     • ACLS certification/recertification  •  Moonlighting
     • Central Line Insertion New Innovations
    Closure/Reduction Policy Obtain Sponsorship to Increase Program Complement
    Conference and Travel Obtain Sponsorship for a New Residency
    Counseling and Support for Impairment/Substance Abuse Pharmaceutical Vendor Relationships
     • Communication Resolutions Prescription Writing
     • Disability Accommodation  • Program Curriculum Review
    Disaster Response Policy Resident Participation in Institutional Programs, Committees and Medical Staff Activities, Education Activities, Including Quality Assurance, Research and Scholarly Activity
    Disruptive Resident Behavior
    Duty Hours
    Educational and Work Environment
    Evaluation and Promotion of Residents Resident Responsibilities
    Evaluation of Program, Faculty and Rotations Resident Responsibility for Patients in Non-Teaching Services
     Exceptions to Duty Hours Selection and Appointment of Residents, Fellows and Transfers
    Experimentation and Innovation Sexual Harassment
    Financial Support - Funding of Residents Social Networking Policy
    GME Committee Responsibilities Substandard Resident Performance
    Institutional Agreements
    Supervision of Residents
    Institutional Commitment Termination, Grievance and Due Process
    Joint Commission Policy Time Off Benefits
    Leave of Absence
    Medical Records    

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