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Annotation 2

Every medical student at Stony Brook School of Medicine is expected to take the Step I exam promptly after the end of the second year and before the beginning of the third year. Under extenuating circumstances with approval from the UGME Dean’s Office, a student may delay taking the Step I exam if requested by June 1st. In all situations, students are REQUIRED to take the Step I examination within six months of completion of the second year of school. In the event a student fails the first attempt at the Step I examination, the repeat examination has to be taken within six months of the first attempt date.

It is the responsibility of the student to register for the USMLE with the National Board of Medical   Examiners. All students must take Step I before entering the third year of the medical school curriculum and must pass it to continue in the year. Students not passing Step I within three attempts will be subject to dismissal after a review by the Committee on Academic Standing.

A student who fails the first take of the USMLE Step 1 exam may complete the clerkship being taken when the failing grade is reported. The student must then retake Step 1 before continuing with any other coursework. After retaking Step 1 and while awaiting the results, the student may restart clinical rotations by taking a short (2 or 4 week) elective. If the student passes the second take of Step 1, he or she may resume the third year clerkships. A student who receives a second failing score will immediately stop clinical rotations and cannot be permitted to begin further coursework until Step 1 is passed.

All 4th year students must take Step 2CK by the end of February of their senior year for May graduation and by the end of August for December graduation.  They must take Step 2CS by December 15th for May graduation and by August 15th for December graduation. Students must pass Step2CK and CS to graduate. Students not passing Step 2 within three attempts will be subject to dismissal after a review by the Committee on Academic Standing. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may request a delay in these deadlines by submitting a    written petition signed by the student's advisor to the Vice Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education.

EFFECTIVE WITH CLASS OF 2017:  Step 2 CK and CS deadlines are December 15th.