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The Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center of Long Island is a program of the Department of Psychiatry at  Stony Brook University Hospital. It is one of eight centers - all based in hospitals or universities - sponsored by the New York State Department of Health.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center of Long Island was founded in 1988 to serve as a Center of Excellence for the diagnosis and care of Alzheimer’s Disease patients and to provide expert assistance to their families and caregivers.  The Center brings the latest research findings and the most effective techniques to the people of Long Island. 

Assistance for physicians

The Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center of Long Island assists primary care physicians with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, the formulation of comprehensive care plans, and the management of complex cases, including referrals to specialty care. The Center can help physicians with difficult diagnoses, and can provide a second opinion to families who are unsure about the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Regional resource for information

The Center serves as a regional resource for up-to-date information about Alzheimer’s Disease, sponsoring a conference for health care professionals each November, and providing continuing professional education to workers in senior centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes throughout the year. The Center has recently developed a Clearinghouse of Alzheimer’s Disease Information.

Resource for families

The Center is an important resource for family members who have come to depend on it as a reliable source of information, reassurance, and support. The Center’s weekly support groups for families provide welcome relief, camaraderie, and opportunities to share information and advice.

The Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Center of Long Island is located at Putnam Hall, South Campus, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-8790. For information or to schedule an appointment, call 631-632-3160.