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    General Questions

    If I don’t know whom to ask, whom should I contact?

    Peer counselors - available 24/7

    Pager: 631-733-6234

    Whom do I notify if I have a personal emergency?

    Diane Piscitelli or Bonnie Chalson

    (If you are in a clinical rotation, contact your site director as well.)

    Diane 631-444-2341

    Bonnie 631-444-1030

    Whom do I ask about personal health insurance?

    Diane Piscitelli for Mary Jean Allen

    Phone: 631-444-2340, 2341

    How do I request Academic Accommodations?

    Dr. Aldustus Jordan
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs

    Phone: 631-444-2340, 2341

    How do I request that a transcript be sent?

    Dr. Marilyn London

    Email your name, Class of 201x, What you need sent and complete mailing address of where it should go to Marilyn.London@sbumed.org

    Whom do I ask about financial aid and loan information?

    Mary Jean Allen

    Phone: 631-444-2340, 2341 

    How do I update my immunization records or get a copy of them?

    Diane, Student Health Services, or your personal physician

    Phone: 631-444-2340, 2341

    How do I request a Leave of Absence?

    Write a request to Dr. Chandran.  Then, see Bonnie Chalson to set up an appointment with Dr. Chandran.

    Phone: 631-444-1030


    Where can I find a fax machine for student use?

    In the office of Mary Jean Allen, Student Affairs

    Phone: 631-444-2341

    How do I find out the status of school closures?  (inclement weather, etc.)

    Call 444-SNOW, 632-SNOW or look at the Stony Brook Emergency Alert Website

    Phone: 631-444-SNOW, 632-SNOW

    Whom do I contact to make an appointment to see Dr. Chandran, Vice Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education

    Bonnie Chalson

    Phone: 631-444-1030

    Whom do I contact to make an appointment to see Dr. London, Assistant Dean of Medical Education, Registrar?

    Bonnie Chalson or Ann Dowsey

    Phone: 631-444-1030
    bonita.chalson@sbumed.org or

    Phone: 631-444-9547

    Whom do I contact to make an appointment to see Dr. Fuhrer, Academic & Career Advisor?

    Dr. Fuhrer’s Office

    Phone: 631-444-2997

    Whom do I contact to make an appointment with Dr. Jordan, Associate Dean, Student & Minority Affairs?

    Diane Piscitelli

    Phone: 631-444-2341

    Whom do I contact to make an appointment with Mary Jean Allen, Financial Aid Officer?

    Diane Piscitelli

    Phone: 631-444-2341, 2340

    Whom do I speak to about how to tackle a course?

    Your big sib, a peer counselor, or a friendly upperclassman


    1st and 2nd Year

    How do I appeal a grade?

    See the Course Director

    Academic Policies & Procedures can be seen HERE

    How do I get an excused absence from a required activity?

    Logon to CBase. Click on the Documents tab. Click on Excused Absence tab. Complete prompted information and submit.


    Who answers questions about course content or scheduling?

    Course Directors

    The academic calendar for each year can be viewed HERE 

    Whom do I ask about the Scholarly Concentration Program, SCP payroll issues and the Research Poster Session?

    Rhonda Kearns in UME
    Or Ann Dowsey in UME

    Phone: 631-444-1025

    Computer Issues

    Whom do I call if I'm having trouble with my email account or if I forget my email password?

    Whom do I contact for Technical Issues? 

    Information Technology Resources for Students

    IT Resources for Students

    Academic Advising

    Where can I see a list of academic advisors?


    There are links on the Webpage to advisors.


    Whom do I see if I'm having academic difficulty?

    Dr. Jordan//Linda Demotta

    Phone: 631-444-2341
    Linda at 631-444-2085

    Whom can I ask about mentors or advisors?

    Dr. Fuhrer, Dr. Wackett

    Phone: 631-444-2997, 444-1285

    Whom can I ask specific questions about the clinical aspects of my career?

    Your advisor, a sympathetic faculty member, Dr. Fuhrer or Dr. Wackett

    Phone: 631-444-2997
    Phone: 631-444-1285

    Whom can I ask questions about Careers in Medicine in particular?

    Dr. Fuhrer’s office

    Phone: 631-444-2997

    Make Up Exams

    How do I make up an exam I missed or failed?

    Contact your course director and read the , as per Policies and Procedures. annotation #6

    for Questionmark exams

    for NBME exams

    How do I find out my grade after I take the exam?

    Look in CBase or contact your Course Director.


    USMLE and NBME Exams

    Where do I get a USMLE application?

    NBME Web Site


    Where do I get a passport picture for my USMLE application?

    The ID office on the 3rd Floor HSC


    Whom do I give my USMLE application to once it's printed?

    Give it to Bonnie.  The UME sends all applications via express mail every Wednesday.


    What do I do if I need to extend the original time period I requested for a USMLE Step exam?

    The www.nbme.org web site has instructions.  If you will miss a school deadline for taking a USMLE exam, make an appointment with Dr. Chandran. 


    How do I find out my USMLE score?

    The USMLE will mail the results to you.  Your scores will appear in CBase.  The UME will notify you if you fail.


    Whom do I see about requesting an NBME make up exam?

    See your Course Director and Linda DeMotta regarding remediation first. Check the official calendar for makeup exam dates.  Dr. London will email a form for you to complete with your course director.  Submit the form to her.

    Meet with Dr. London if you need to reschedule clerkships to study.

    Contact Mary Jean Allen about ordering an exam.

    Linda at 631-444-2085

    Mary Jean Allen 631-444-2340


    Dr. London at 631-444-9547

    Club Information / Scheduling

    Whom do I see to request space for a Club meeting or event, or if I need to put the event on the School's Events Calendar?

    Forms will be available online or can be emailed to you.  Complete the form and email it to Dr. London.
    Dr. London can also put your event on the School's events calendar.

    Dr. London: 631-444-9547

    3rd and 4th Year

    Whom do I ask about the Medical Student Performance Evaluation ("MSPE or Dean's Letter")?

    See Bonnie to set up an appointment with Dr. Chandran, Dr. Wackett, Dr. Fuhrer, Dr. Fleit or Dr. Schiavone. At WUH, see Dr. Guralnick.

    Phone: 631-444-1030

    Whom do I see to get information about AOA?

    Dr. Jack Fuhrer (requirements)

    Phone: 631-444-2997

    How do I change a clerkship block, clerkship site or the clerkship itself?

    Logon to CBase.  Click on Registration.  Click on Drop-Add.  Watch the tutorial for instructions.  All changes must be made 30 days or more from the start date of the rotation you are changing.


    Where do I get a Drop/Add Form for late change requests?


    Bring form to course director to request the late change.

    Whom do I see to make major, multiple changes to my schedule?

    See Bonnie or Ann to set up an appointment with Dr. London.

    Phone: 631-444-1030

    Phone: 631-444-9547

    Whom do I contact if I have questions about Clinical Skills or Clinical Conditions in CBase?

    Andrew Wackett, MD


    Whom do I call regarding access to medical records?

    If your current password is not working, call the Help desk at 444-HELP.
    If you never signed a confidentiality statement, see Lorraine Reeve in the UME.

     Lorraine 631-444-1285

    How do I set up electives?

    Click here for how to set up electives: https://cbase.som.sunysb.edu/cbase2/public/course_info/electives_info.cfm 

    Follow instructions on the website.

    What do I do with the Elective Approval form once I’ve completed it? 

    Copy the learning objectives onto the grading/evaluation form and the site evaluation form.  Hand all forms in to Bonnie in the UME when you hand in your away elective application.

    Phone: 631-444-1030
    Fax: 631-444-9521

    How do I apply for away electives using VSAS?

    The AAMC has an electronic application service known as VSAS.  You will be emailed ‘authorizations’ for applications and instructions on how to access and use VSAS.

    Questions? Email Dr. London

    How do I arrange for liability insurance coverage for an away elective?

    Complete a Request for Affiliate Agreement form.  Submit it to Bonnie.  The request will be reviewed in the Dean's office.  The office will get back to you regarding whether to proceed.

    Phone: 631-444-1030
    Fax: 631-444-9521

    Whom do I see if I am handing in an away elective application and have an additional question?

    Complete the elective application cover sheet.  Give the coversheet, application and supporting materials to Bonnie Chalson.  Bonnie can answer most questions.  If you still have a question, email Dr. London or make an appointment to meet with her.

    Phone: 631-444-1030

    Where do I find information about away research electives?

    Websites of elective sites.

    Also see www.aamc.org, medical schools list, and UME emails.


    Where do I get a 4th Year evaluation form?

    Email Bonnie; she can send or email a form to your site.


    The Match

    Where do I see general NRMP information and register for NRMP Match?



    Where do I see general ERAS information and register for ERAS?



    Whom can I call if I still have a question about the Match or Rank Order Listing process?

    Dr. London, Dr. Wackett, your advisor

    Phone: 631-444-1030

    Whom can I call if I still have a question about entering information into ERAS?

    Bonnie Chalson (You can also ask Lorraine or Donna)

    Phone:  444-1030

    How do I complete the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire?

    The NRMP or AAMC will email you with how to logon


    How do I set up an international elective?

    Contact Dr. John Shanley.


    Visiting Students

    Whom do I see with questions about visiting students?

    Lorraine Reeve

    Phone: 631-444-1285

    Where do I find a Visiting Student Application?--(for students who attend another medical school and want to take a rotation at Stony Brook)

    Use VSAS.  If an elective is listed on our Course Information webpage, but not listed in VSAS, use THIS



    For questions about this website, email Marilyn.London@sbumed.org