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The Faculty Assistance Committee

Faculty  Assistance Committee

The Faculty Assistance Committee (FAC) has been created to assist faculty of the school of medicine who are seeking to resolve conflicts concerning the faculty's relationship with their department, the institution or their colleagues.

Upon being notified that a faculty member is seeking assistance, the FAC will determine the most appropriate hearing body, be it a University-wide Committee, a Medical School Committee, the UUP or another appropriate committee. The FAC is not designed to replace any already-existing committees.

If a faculty member's request cannot be distributed to any appropriate committee or organization, the FAC may decide by a simple majority vote whether to become the hearing body.

Upon deciding to review the issue, the FAC will review written documentation and will have the authority to request any other form of documentation it deems appropriate. If, in the course of its deliberations, it becomes evident that the issue is one that can be reviewed by an already existing hearing body (be it a University-wide Committee, a Medical School Committee or the UUP), all collected data will be transferred to that hearing body.

In situations where the issue remains with the FAC, when documentation is complete, the committee shall distribute its findings to the faculty members involved and the Dean of the School of Medicine

Submissions for review by the FAC should be submitted in writing to the president of the faculty senate or to the chairperson of the FAC.  Additional information about the FAC and its role in addressing faculty concerns can be obtained by contacting the current chair of the FAC:

Lester Kallus, M.D.
Department of Emergency Medicine, Z=8350
E-mail: lester.kallus@stonybrook.edu
Phone: 631-444-2499