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Poster & Exhibit Design

This category of service was created for clients armed with content and a deadline. Our graphic designer will craft a professional printed presentation piece from your Word documents, PowerPoint presentation content, Excel spreadheets, loose pictures, jpegs. You will be provided with digital proofs for review. Finished approved files of presentation displays, event and scientific posters, are printed inhouse.

This service also offers to post completed scientific posters SUNY DSpace. DSpace is an open-source, digital, institutional repository created to capture, store, and index, publish and preserve digital and electronic research and scholarship produced by the campus community. The program is part of a larger, cooperative initiative established by SUNY to meet the need to preserve and provide access to the multitude of electronic publications and research produced every year on the state's many campuses. Orifinally designed at MIT, this software will allow members of all SUNY campuses to safely store and share their work in electronic format with the world.
DSpace at Stony Brook is maintained and monitored by the University Library system in accordance with the Campus Community Documentation Program, a program designed to document work and activities at the University. This program is administered by the Special Collections Department and University Archives of the University Libraries. http://dspace.sunyconnect.suny.edu/handle/1951/44566

Posters published in the SUNY DSpace collection must be accompanied by the following forms:
DSpace formUniversal.pdf - to be completed by the project PI
Non-Exclusive License Agreement - to be signed by each of the project authors