2016 Hartman Call for Proposal

2016 Hartman Application

Learn more: take a look at the 2016 Hartman Symposium Agenda (held 5/6/2016)


Congratulations to Lorna Role for being named SUNY Distinguished Professor (5/10/2016)

The Annual Symposium of the Hartman Center for Parkinson's Research took place on May 6, 2016 in the Wang Center. See the agenda of the event (5/6/2016) 

Congratulations to Lorna Role and David Talmage's labs for the publication of their recent study published in Neuron on the role of cholinergic signaling on conditioned fear behavior and memory formation (5/5/2016). Learn more > 

Congratulations to Lyl Tomlinson, PhD candidate, for being featured on an article of the Society for Neuroscience website focusing on their diversity efforts titled: Building and Expanding Networks for Young Scientists (5/6/2016)

Congratulations to Mary Kritzer who has just been recognized by the School of Medicine for outstanding service to the students and faculty of the School of Medicine (5/2/2016)

The Dept. of Neurobiology and Behavior hosted the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Swartz Mind Brain Lecture featuring Alan Alda, Eric Kandel, and Jim Simons in a conversation on "Melding the Mind & Math: Brain Science, Past & Future"  (4/4/2016) - watch the video of the lecture

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The Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University offers a university-wide PhD training program designed to provide broad training opportunities for students interested in careers in the neurosciences. Students can enter from their undergraduate training or through the MD/PhD program.
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