updated: 09-08-15
Anesthesiology is a major specialty in the practice of medicine. The country’s need for well-trained anesthesiologists has increased greatly in the past few years, and the opportunities in community hospitals as well as in academia are legion. The scope of the specialty has dramatically expanded over the years. Anesthesia is one of the great medical discoveries of humanity, allowing the advancement of surgery. The anesthesiologist, who initially provided pain relief and amnesia to the patient, has become the clinical pharmacologist and physiologist in the operating room. The scope of the anesthesiologist has broadened to include obstetrical analgesia, acute and chronic pain therapy, intensive care, office-based anesthesia and sedation and monitoring of patients undergoing GI, radiologic and ECT procedures.

The mission of the Residency Program at Stony Brook University is to educate and facilitate the achievement of excellence in anesthesia care and thereby create physicians, who in the course of their careers will play a role in improving the quality of health care in our nation. The Department of Anesthesiology provides a faculty of national and international renown who excel in Patient Care, Teaching and Research and from whom the residents receive their educational experience. As a demonstration of our commitment to the residency program, the department has created several new and exciting initiatives. These include an educational intranet, a unique didactic program, a dedicated faculty mentor for each resident, a generous educational allowance and a compensation package that is among the best in the country. The end product of this anesthesia residency education is a superbly trained consultant in anesthesiology, able to provide the highest quality of care to patients even when they present the most challenging clinical conditions.

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