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The Division is committed to fulfilling Stony Brook’s mission of excellence in research, and to advancing scientific knowledge to improve patient care and population health.

Stony Brook participates in several national clinical trials, and our participation allows us to use the latest in therapeutic advances for the care of our patients. No patient is ever required to participate in a clinical trial.

While clinical trials are not for everyone, the availability of these trials serves as a hallmark of our ability to offer leading-edge treatment. For many patients, this is the only opportunity available in Suffolk County to benefit from such studies.

The Division’s current research programs are focused on novel approaches to optimizing surgical outcomes, as well as other treatment strategies to improve patient care. For information about our active clinical trials, please visit the breast cancer clinical trials page of the Stony Brook University Cancer Center.

Recent funding in support of the Division’s research has been provided by the National Cancer Institute through its cooperative affiliation with the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG).

For information about our current clinical trials, call our research coordinator Leah Smith-McAllister at 631-444-7230, or visit the Department of Surgery clinical trials page.